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Guangdong guanhui technology co., LTD., was founded in 2003, is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of China's household hardware. The company is committed to become China's leading manufacturer of hardware products of vision, after years of development, uphold the "unity, struggle, pragmatic, innovative" core values, adhere to the cast, the quality of the best route, through innovative product design, the rigorous work style, the most environmental protection material, in order to "provide customers with the seiko quality and humanized design hardware products" as our mission, to create "guanhui", " Hovai" two big brands. Received high praise from customers both at home and abroad, become the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing life household hardware vendors.

The development of the crown fai, with each passing day, one day, the company existing staff more than 300 people. In the rapidly changing market,guanhui officials repeatedly discern the Outlines, the application of new technology, new technology, the creation of new marketing mode, setting and correction of the new brand strategy, make the enterprise in the shortest possible time to gradually into the track of healthy, stable, high-speed development. Company is now in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu and other cities set up more branches, to guanhui the talents, make good use of talent environment, crown fai today's brilliant. Keep pace with The Times, crown fai pursuit of faster, higher, stronger spirit of enterprise and "sweat", "Po", "honor" the humanistic spirit.

Guanhui hardware industrial park is located in dongguan city changan, covers an area of 40 mu, garden greening, lush. More than forty thousand square meters modern workshop, neat, clean, new impo rted equipment and high-tech products, will drive the guanhui towards a higher level.

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